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La French Tech Polynesia 2021 Contest

Tech4Islands PLANET Grand Prize 2021 :


Lyspackaging is a French company that manufactures, from new organic or mineral materials, containers, bottles and caps, without using a drop of oil, from renewable resources, sourced locally if possible. These materials can be a mix of different co-products such as flax, hemp, fruit stones, seeds or fibers, cereals, clay and terracotta or shellfish. Lyspackaging offers a turnkey installation to develop the manufacture of these innovative packaging which is certified biodegradable and compostable according to French, European and international standards. A real alternative to conventional plastic bottles. It should be noted that no toxicity is present during the biodegradation of packaging in the compost. Certified compost can be reused.

The price

About the French Tech

About the French Tech

French Tech Polynesia, the convergence of French Polynesia's innovation forces, is boosting the # Tech4Islands dynamic, innovation BY and FOR the islands on an Oceanian, ultramarine and global scale, in order to bring out innovative TechForGood solutions that are ecological, sustainable and resilient, “good for the islands and therefore good for the planet”. 🏝♻️🌎

ENLIGHTENING ecological, energy and digital transitions.

#Tech4Islands @La French Tech Polynésie

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